Recommended pig feeding guide

When you possess a piggery, you will soon recognize that the area where you need to allot more budget would need to be the cost of feed. You can also read various tips and pig feeding guide and you will get the same pointers about the food. Actually, almost 80 percent of the whole production cost is going to be allotted on feeds if it is your intention to make use of pure commercial feeds.

When you look at a pig feeding guide, you need to take note of the proper way to do it, the amount of time that you need to feed the animals and the sorts of feeds that must be provided. All these factors will help in finding the right methods that you are able to do to observe the maximum expansion of the pigs and attain high feed efficiency.

Except for the pig feeding guide, you will also need to allot time in learning about the proper healthcare and the correct management of the animals to make certain quality produce. You may like to check out the sorts of feed that you are able to give the pigs as you try and find out more about the pig feeding guide.

There are three sorts of feed that are commercially accessible. All these differ in terms of nutrient proportions. The sum of nutrients that must be provided on pigs will be different depending on the various stages of the animals’ growth. When it is time to move from one sort of ration to another, you need to do this in a gradual manner. You need to make certain that the typical feeding behavior of the pig won’t be disrupted. A week should be allotted as the conversion period for this purpose.

The three sorts of feed include starter, grower and finisher. The starter feed is presented to weaners that weigh 10 to 20 kilos or until the pigs are three months old. The grower feed is given until the animals reach the weight of 60 kilos. The finisher feed is presented to the pigs until they are set for the market or until they reach the weight of about 80 to 90 kilos.

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