Information about goat farming

Goat terminology is used to relate to different traits concerning various facets of raising goats. There is a word for the whole thing from gender, to grow up and appearance. Learn the lyrics below and their definitions so that you will know what internationally the other goat owners are talking about!

Some terminology is the identical to pertains to deer, since goats are linked to deer, if you know anything about deer, possibly you will recognize some of the words below.

Doe or nanny is a female goat.

A buck or a billy refers to a male.

When a male has been castrated or neutered, it is known as a wether.

A new goat under one year old is called a kid.

A group of goats is called a herd.

Wattles are like little bags that often times hang under a goat’s chin on it’s neck.

Caprine is normally used to relate to goats in the main, and is derived from the scientific name capra aegagrus hircus.

Musk is the strong odor emitted by males during the rut, that is the breeding season.

Brush goat is any cross-breed, this word is the similar to ‘mutt’ in the dog world.

The hair used in the manufacture of textiles and yarn is called cashmere, and it likewise refers to the breed commonly used to buy it.

Goat meat is more often than not called chevon that is from the French word chèvre; if it is the meat of a new kid it is noted utilizing the Spanish word cabrito.

This is on no account the degree of goat terminology, but these are some of the most commonly used in the industry. Hopefully this details has helped you become more accustomed to raising goats, and you will soon become a practiced owner.

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