Guide to Buying Cattle Breed

As with any purchase it is important that you get value for your money. If your uncertain about how to purchase a beef animal then it would be preferable to handle someone that is ethical and understands this side of the company. This could include a family group member, friend, neighbor, local farmer or County Agent. The idea is to not walk into a sale with little or no facts or background.

Here are 4 Important Considerations When Buying Cattle Breed:

1) Breed- In most circumstances frame and conformation are more serious than breed in relation to cattle performance. Even so, there are a few things to consider. Holsteins will work contrary to well in a feeder or finishing enterprise. They require different management and sell in a different market category. Animals with a large part of Brahman genetics do poorly in cold winter conditions. The disposition of the cattle may be an important factor which can sometimes be a breed characteristic. Avoid cattle that are nervous or aggressive.

2) Condition- If your purchasing cattle to put on pasture avoid cattle with additional weight as they gain poorly for the first month. Cattle should be healthy but lean and prevent cattle that may not have performed well elsewhere. You may be able to purchase them for less money but they probably won’t achieve a satisfactory performance.

3) Frame Size- Cattle with a small frame will finish at a light weight while cattle with a large frame will finish at a heavy weight. Cattle with assorted frame sizes require different feeding programs. Since you will want to control your cattle as a group, purchase cattle that are uniform in frame size.

4) Health- Does the animal look healthy? Is it alert and bright eyed? Is its breathing normal and does it move about vigorously? Does it have a dull hair coat and look emaciated? What has it been immunized for and when?

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