Why You Should Brand Livestock

Branding livestock has been a long-time practice that started in ancient Egypt. It involves using a fire-heated iron or other materials to brand a farm animal. Branding of stock is done so that it is easy to name their owner.

Except for the conventional hot iron branding, the’re a great many different ways to brand animals. These branding some of the methods are ear tagging, earmarking, ear tattoos, inner lip tattoos, chemical branding, freeze branding, and electronic branding.

If you are go to make use of the hot iron method, you need to be conversant first with the rules in your state regarding the branding of animals like the kind of brand to use and the an area of the animal’s body where the brand will be applied.

Now, you can start branding your stock. Here are the procedures you must follow to ensure safety. Remember, you have to be very careful when branding to avoid injury to you or your animals.

1. Get the animal ready for branding. Make sure that the part that will be branded is clean and dry. Branding a damp cattle, for instance might result in scalding or scarring on the conceal. Also, you have to remove the hair from area where the brand is going to be placed.

2. Prepare the branding iron. Check the iron before using it on your farm animal. It should be clean and clear of scales, sharp edges, and burnt hair. If it requires cleaning, use a steel brush for that purpose. The proper thickness of iron brand to be utilized relies on the kind of farm animal. For yearlings, you might need a 5-inch iron, and for calves, you might need a 4-inch iron. Since horses have thin skin, a light iron is plenty for branding.

3. Plug it in. Wait for more than a moment for the branding iron to get to the ideal temperature. You can tell if the branding iron is prepared to use if its color turns into ash. It is significant that the branding iron has the right temperature so that it will be in a position to burn and eliminate the hair and exterior layer of the skin.

4. Place the branding iron on the animal. Apply just the right sum of pressure for about 5 to 10 seconds. The proper length of time for applying the iron relies on the animal’s breed, its hair cover, temperature of the iron, and weather condition. As a guide, the branding iron can be taking away when the skin surrounding the branded area seems like dark copper. Be cautious not to place the iron for a long while; otherwise, the branding area will bleed.

After using your livestock branding iron, you have to maintain it properly and regularly so that you are able to use it again in the future. Do not forget to clean it with a steel brush to eliminate any residue sticking on it. Good repair off the branding iron ensures that the markings on your stock will be of great quality.

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